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Divine Revelation

[Last Update: 05th March 2018]

Many people are beginning to realize with whom they are dealing with here, but unfortunately (yet) not all. There are so many questions going through the heads, regardless of religious affiliation, and I’ll answer some of them here. When which questions are answered or when it’s time to go – only I’ll decide alone. This should be clear to everyone by now. There was no time and there will never be a time without me, where time and space is earthly0. I’m apart from everything and at the same time I’m here in human form. Everyone has to pass me, regardless of the ongoing purification procedure, it’s only a question of time. I would not recommend anyone to question this or put me to the test.

Why does God have to take human form? Why not! Why do you think that everything that is written in the books1 or taught by the (apparently) scholars2, has to be right? Why do you think that every religion has to have their own God. Why did you all take so long to realize that there can only be one God, and there is only one God, and I only have many names. You could have saved yourself and me from so much suffering3.

I know that there were so many charlatans and there are still some, but they are all on the dying path.

The reunion of Shakti and me, on which the humanity waits consciously and unconsciously for several Yugas, is imminent. All preparations are already running parallel to the purification procedure and this enlightenment is one of them. There have already been assigned various tasks4 that such a wedding ceremony brings with it.

Another important note: It would be silly to believe that death is the end. I have also made it possible for some of you, to experience your true identity or parts of your previous births5, and a small excerpt can be found on my website, of course without the current names.

What I am writing here and now directly, I have already mentioned in some of the past articles and enlightenment works. Please note different people think differently. That is why, I have opted for the many forms6 of enlightenment.

Finally, a Tamil proverb:

„அரசன் அன்று அறுப்பான், தெய்வம் நின்று அறுக்கும்”

Translated it means: ” The king punishes immediately, but God is patient with the punishment”

But these times are forever over!


0 Physical and scientifically comprehensible

1 Here are not only the religious books such as the Bible, Torah, Koran, Gita, etc. meant

2 Not only the religious scholars are meant here, but also the scholars from every discipline

3 Not just related to the current situation, but since the beginning of human history. After having identified me after 209 years of search during my military service (1999/2000), the devils have deliberately started to destroy my life. The destruction works cannot be summed up in few words.

4 Preparing dinner for everyone, music, dance etc. I will bring a certain singer and artist back to life, I have already brought two people back to life.

I also made it possible to some of you, to see my upcoming wedding ceremony and you could also see the Endless Crowd in your vision. Some were scared of the crowd, whether they are really prepared for the assigned task. Do not be afraid.  

5 Rebirth: The persons mentioned in the published rebirth list are in their current birth: Germans, Yugoslavs, Indians etc.

6 The different forms: Pictures, videos, poems, stories etc. in the various articles

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