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The Paramatman or rather Para Brahman

The Paramatman or rather Para Brahman1, that is me, exists in all three states. I am, although the Atman separated from me during the creating or for the creation and also the Prakriti – this is my Beauty – separated from me, I am always complete and perfect. There is a nice Tamil term for it, which I heard in a speech by Kirupanandha Variyar many years ago and currently no longer find.

Paramatman or Para Brahman

Paramatman or rather Para Brahman

When I incarnate, I let my own shell emerge for me – either through a classic birth or through manifestation. As in my current incarnation, this can be a human body. In the current incarnation, this body was shaped specifically for the ReUnion with my Beauty. Impurifying this body, damaging it, hexing it, etc. Just trying, this can already be a train of thought, is a great sin for the individual and for the whole of humanity or collective – that is, the entire world. Regardless of who was involved and or whether this was done knowingly – see the tsunami of December 2004.

Of course, if I’m not incarnated, I can also let every life form speak for me, since I am also the Atman that you think is your own.

This can be a state of trance, of course this can also arise in another way, e.g. by witchcraft, dizziness. I can also line up in your natural languages and signs, which also can come about through witchcraft etc.


1 The differentiation of the both terms refers to the differentiation through the creation of Brahma, that is e.g. the 32×Brahma-Kumaris and 32×Brahma-Kumaras (→ 64×Brahma-Putras).

Since I am also the Paramatman for Brahma, the term Para-Brahma was created. Everything arose from me and everything returns in me, except the repulsed ones.