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The Atman – Part 2

The Atman – Part 2

[Last Update: 22nd March 2020]

What are identities0, why do people need an identity and what is the self, i.e. the Atman?

Shaping children and pressing their identities is a human custom to embed this being into the social fabric.

At this point it is important to note that man is neither born evil nor stupid, he is only made to become so. Of course, the individual himself is involved in the formation or is also responsible for it. I am not concerned with the question of guilt, but with the overall understanding. Also think of my example in the document “4MA74 – Happy Valentine’s Day 2020 [Special-Cut].pdf ” with the alkali metals or with the Pauli exclusion principle1. What did I want to express with this?

If a child were to grow up among animals, that child would assume the identity of the animals even if the senses tried to show the opposite, i.e. a child raised by wolves naturally thinks that it is a wolf, although the anatomy shows the opposite.

The ego, what a person thinks to be in the course of life, is pure suggestion, therefore only an illusion, more precisely it is called Maya in Hinduism. It doesn’t have to be the truth, let alone the absolute truth. I can even promise you; it is not the truth. The path of a person to enlightenment or even to attaining wisdom is mostly stony and long – it even goes through several rebirths. Some things, maybe many things, get lost2 on the way there. If a lot of things become much, the doom is already programmed, so determinism comes to the fore. One doesn’t have to be a clairvoyant to recognize this, but a keen common sense is enough.

At some point, if the person has not strayed from the path or has found it again and the thirst of searching for the truth is (still) there, he or she will find it. This individual will recognize that it is not what it has always thought to believe.

The bad thing about becoming human is that they forget that they are only a small, insignificant fraction of this world, i.e. the nature. Sooner or later it ends up in total blindness. They no longer see themselves as a part of this nature, but begins to believe, if they can it at all, mostly their actions, which indicate that the nature is only a part or a subset of man. They enslave the nature or put themselves above the nature – embossed by ignorance, blindness, that is arrogance.

This blindness goes so far that they think nature needs them and not the other way around. All of this starts already in the childhood.

Your social models, that can be a culture, religion, language etc., are not construed to want to know the truth, or can to know the truth much less must to know the truth, but one should learn to find one’s way in the oceans of lies. In this context intelligence is even suggested by parts of the science.

For this reason, most do not reach the bank of knowledge in context of that what they think that they are is not what they are – this is the self. The first step is to realize that one is neither the body nor the mind. As beautiful as Sadhguru often expresses this, the I must be what is in between these two.

If the body is just an accumulation of what we eat, that is food, then the I cannot be this body. Because this body can never be permanent. I don’t mean the rebirths, but the constant renewal of the cells.

The food we eat becomes part of us. One should become aware of this. What was before a mango is now part of one. This is also a constant cycle in the cycle.

Speaking of which, for this reason the actual Hindus avoid eating meat and fish, since they suppress the Sattva Guna or let the other two Gunas dominate – this is the animalistic.

What about the mind with its memories? It is also just an accumulation but of emotional impressions, experiences, knowledges etc. However, this is also not permanent. Imagine, because of an illness or an accident, one loses one’s mind, i.e. one’s memories will be erased or inaccessible, but no one will come up with the idea of saying that he or she is not he or she.

If we are not the body in which we are and neither the mind with its memories, which we consider to be the I, what are we really?

This is what the Hindus call the self or the Atman – there is a word in the western hemisphere that describes it more closely, that is the soul.

When man realizes that he is not the body in which he is or this mind with his memories and also realizes that he is not even this self, but this self is actually the Paramatman or Para Brahman – this is the Point where the ego disappears or is dissolved, this is the state of enlightenment, that is Muthi (முத்தி).

The tradition of greeting is by the Hindus squeezing the two palms of one’s hands together, as if one would pray, comes from this philosophy – in you there is God, that is the Atman or Paramatman. It becomes – you are God, but without the ego, arrogance or anything else. Another reason for this greeting has medical backgrounds and, moreover, what science has not yet properly understood – the energy that is transferred when one touch other things or persons.


0 Examples of identities:
I, gender (male, female), nationality (Sri Lankan, German), religious affiliation (Hindu, Christian), ethnic group (Tamils, Germans), adherents of a certain order, fan base, company employees, party, political ideology (democracy, Communism), …

Most people have a mixed identity, which consists of at least two of the identities listed, once is the gender combined with another e.g. religion.

1 With this analogy, I noticed that some had difficulties in sorting this out correctly. One of the ways of sorting is to understand that you are trying to use force to combine certain things that cannot be combined naturally.

What is the Pauli principle for – for diversity and variation. Now the variations give rise to properties which, in the case of uncontrolled encounters, lead to explosive behaviour, unless one would have wished to do so in order to create political unrest, to separate peoples and ethnic groups.

Understand that I came, i.e. I have incarnated, to unite many things. The unification can only work with a certain power, that is pure love, combined with sanity, that is the insight. Think of the atomic nucleus! Why can the protons be patient next to each other, even though one knows that the same charges repel each other – this is also the power of love, in physics this is only called the strong interaction.

Most of the problems in this world are actually the result of somehow lacking understanding of love, or lacking love during one grew up. All of these social problems that lead to constant diaper changes are also a result of it. Since I’ve been connected with so many different people in the past five years, I can say that with certainty. This is definitely not what the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud indicated. You all wasted time with your games, that’s why I take the whip by hand – don’t forget, I’m Rudra too.

2 Actually, getting lost can be a god-wanted possibility. It is the consequence of wanting of my Beauty to preserve the world or even the wanting of me to destroy the world. Life is neither a game nor a competition. Both ideologies are doomed.

Further sources

The hidden sciences in Hinduism: Astronomy and Astrology – Part 6

The hidden sciences in Hinduism: Astronomy and Astrology – Part 6

[Last Update: 03th Juli 2018]

It is important to understand the two terms (astronomy and astrology) correctly in order to distinguish them. Although they access to the same natural phenomena in many ways, but they have different goals.

Astronomy is a discipline of science and belongs to one of the oldest science. It deals with all phenomena that are recognizable in the night sky and much more. It is the science of the stars. Astrology, on the other hand, is not recognized as a scientific discipline among scientists, it is labeled as a pseudo-science or as a not reputable science. Unfortunately, wrongly, when it comes to the correct interpretation as it was given in the Hindu astrology and not interpreted like by many charlatans and or half-knowers in this world. Much knowledge was lost through colonization, because the written sources came into the hands of the colonial powers or were deliberately destroyed by the Hindus. Here were also other fields of knowledge e.g. varma kalai (வர்மக்கலை) affected.

Here are two politicians of the last century who believed in astrology and included it in their political actions. Once Konrad Adenauer the first Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and Ronald Wilson Reagan the President of the United States of America from 1981 to 1989. Both had secret knowledge, which firstly came to the world public through my websites from mid-2015 onward. Whether the two gentlemen, just like many others, turned to the right ones or became a victim to the charlatans is not the subject of this article. Hindu astrology is part of Hindu society, regardless of status, education, etc. Of course, there are people in this society too who are atheistic or do not believe in astrology. Why these people are so how they are, is not the topic of this article. Here in this article is my focus to mention few things so that one can scientifically better understand all these what happened here from the past till now.

One should know that everything vibrates in the universe1, this has to do with the fact that at the subatomic5 level everything is in motion, although at the macroscopic level, here the scale is that of the man, the observed body or object conveys the impression that it is at rest. The kinetic energy in the subatomic level is reflected in the temperature, for this reason there is also the Kelvin scale, which is mainly used in physics. The absolute zero point (zero “0” Kelvin), which is given in the Kelvin scale and can never be reached in the reality, is nothing other than the total rest in the subatomic level, this means zero movement of the electrons around the atomic nucleus. The temperature in the universe is about 2.7 Kelvin. Maybe some of you know the experiments with liquid nitrogen. This may help to better understand the situation described above. The movements in the subatomic range lead from a certain level to electromagnetic oscillation, i.e. every person and every object in the universe, which is subject to the laws of the physics, vibrates. Perhaps you have noticed in the last sentence that I have brought some blurring into the formulation 😉 – this has to do with the divine and can only be initiated by me, presently in this form of human existence, except the things in physics known as dark matter and dark energy, which I was already controlling in my non-form as Aruvuruvam (அருவுருவம்). The dark energy and the dark matter have nothing to do with the fact that the physical theories are not complete. This is and has always been beyond the laws of physics. The new physics will change a lot in the entire universe. The use of the wording in my articles “new Physics” is not meant to indicate that there are gaps in our knowledge and that one has to develop new theories / models or expand the old ones. It should be understood that the new laws are being created in the physic of this universe. Here are a few keywords for those who want to deepen their knowledge: “Hydrogen line, spectral line”.

What does all this have to do with Hindu astrology, and what does the constellation of stars have to do with the fate of everyone? Anyone who is already part of the currently running procedure can also answer this question themselves. The term interference pattern, which is different in different places, may help. The technical (artificial intelligence) is also only a partcopy2 of the divine and in nature existing. Because of this, some have felt almighty, though they were never almighty, but anyway they played the Creator. Although I’ve destroyed everything in rank and name, but there are still the doormats or in other words the would-be of the former devilish secret societies, because they cannot cope with the withdrawal of their power.

Back to the topic. For Hindus it is a tradition and common practice to visit an astrologer for almost every occasion, this takes place at the birth. Here are already the first horoscopes made. My horoscope, which was also given immediately after my birth by my parents in the order3, stood that it is better to me to marry only at the age of 30 and after, earlier marriage would only complicate my life. After I met my Beauty, I know why. When I met my Beauty (2011/2012) for the first time, I was 33/34 years old, more details under 4MA74 (love messages).

Mostly people go to astrologers, when they feel bad and in a certain constellation of things and the stars, the astrologer can advise to change one’s place of residence. This is scientifically justified by the fact that electromagnetic radiation in another place are different, and thus certain areas in the brain are not blocked in such a way, and the human being can partly gain its own intellectual competence again. Of course, even in the future no one can escape4 with this knowledge from the consequences of one’s actions. In part, the Devils could copy this to manipulate the fates of the people. As this article can also be read by the devil worshippers, I limit the information for the time being.

Of course, most astrologers did not understand the science behind it, and the normal scientists were afraid to deal with this issue because they would lose their reputation as scientists. Many do not know that, for example, physicists like Isaac Newton of the Red Devil’s Fraction secretly dealt with alchemy. The witch burning in the last centuries has directly or indirectly to do with this secret knowledge and also my Blue Team was a little bit reluctant to reveal this information to the world public, otherwise there would have been more damages or for them it would be more difficult to keep the balance in this world stable.


1 Do not forget that the earth is also part of the universe. It may be that in your environment the devil worshipers are at work, when you are reading (or being connected) they can inject something other than what I wanted to give to understand.

2 The Divine procedure is very complex and not transparent, because it has to do with the karma of each one. It will only be possible to understand to all and everything, so that one cannot escape from its responsibility. Even for me I have deliberately hidden certain knowledge, so that it cannot be abused, if people are incorrectly connected with me through technical means. This was one of my first rule in my current form as human, after my own absolute identity was clear to me in the middle of 2015.

3 Unfortunately, this astrologer died shortly after my birth, otherwise I would have visited him. There was also a phase in my life where I tried to find out the scientific connections in Hindu astrology. This preliminary work has now helped me to decipher the relations.

4 There is an ancient Indian narrative that a king has been told by his astrologer that he will die by a snake bite. The King then built a palace in the middle of the sea, so that he felt safe from the serpents. One day he could not escape from his fate, as for the preparation of the food many ingredients from the land had to be brought into the palace in the sea and so the snake, which found refuge in a fruit basket, was able to get into the palace in the sea and bite the king, so that he died.

5 Subatomar expresses all the things that are much smaller than the atom itself – down to the elementary particles. In this world of the very smallest – we enter into the space of the elementary particles, things are here not as we know them from everyday life. Here the world only appears in quantized form and it is neither continuous nor firm. Quantized means that everything is only present in small packets, so space, time and energy are not continuous.

The smallest plausible time that is necessary for the causality in physics, which cannot be violated,  describes the Planck time, see also my article “The new era“. It is approximately in the range of about 5×10-44 seconds. This is one of mine hidden messages in the science. It already says in advance that the purification procedure will earliest begin with the 44th President of the United States. Since presidents in the United States can also be elected twice in a row, can the starting time go backwards or forwards. One understands the connections and the correct (temporal) classification only with the other hidden messages of mine. Here one also sees the connection, how fate is partially imaginable. It is partly deterministic, plus the degrees of freedom of the respective individuals, which in turn are largely dependent on their own karma.

Of course, I also know the lower bound when the actual purification procedure ends, but at the beginning of mid-2015 I also said that I can handle with a handful of people (and with the help of robots for the people). Of course, then we also have to change the economic policy, etc., because the robots themselves and without the people cannot maintain an economy, as the greedy capitalists would like it, otherwise the robots could already have replaced almost all human labor. The technology was already well advanced two decades ago.

Here are a few sentences to the actual topic “subatomic”. In the world of the smallest, I also said that not everything is really solid. The word particle suggests, as we know it from our everyday life, that it must be solid – but it is not. At this level it is pure energy. Maybe the Hindus understand what Sakti (சக்தி) really is. This is also the nickname of my Beauty Parvati or Adisakti (ஆதிசக்தி), in her current incarnation she has the name Sina. Also Adisakti has sprung from me and returns to me, as well as everything in the universe, if I do not reject any of it for the infinity. I am the sole supreme authority in the entire universe and beyond.

If you have understood all this correctly, then you will find, if this allows your mental competence, that not even your body is your own. The only thing that belongs to you is your karma. The true absolute I is not the borrowed body of you, but your atman (ஆன்மா / ஆத்மா). This is one of the reasons why people cannot recognize me. It has to do with your karma.

The hidden sciences in Hinduism: The Tamil language – Part 5

The hidden sciences in Hinduism: The Tamil language – Part 5

[Last Update: 24th June 2018]

The Tamil language is officially one of the eight protolanguages1 of the world (Tamil, Sanskrit, Arabic, Latin, Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, 8. → currently, I can’t remember the eighth language), but Tamil is the only protolanguage or the Mutter2 of all languages – Language which was given by me. The Hindus know that the (linguistic) sounds are given a great deal of meaning, and that in certain lutes or sounds (mantras) there is more power behind them. In order to separate the “mighty or powerful” sounds from the spoken language, and not to run the risk of moving something unintentionally, there was the (language) Sanskrit, which was given by Brahma, just like the Vedas, to the mankind3. Since it was separated from the spoken language, it also got the sense of coding so that it could not get into the wrong hands.

Sanskrit was not a language in the classical sense, it was a collection of lutes (mantras). The meaning of the lute, later defined as a word, arose only through the action / effekt4. So, only the action gave the sound meaning – comparable to computer science with voice control e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Siri etc.

One already knows the problems with such devices, if the device accidentally interprets a dialogue between two persons as a command and e.g. makes an unauthorized purchase.

The language Telugu (officially a Dravidian language) originated from the Tamil and the sounds from the Sanskrit. It is a language like the other languages of this world, which came into being firstly very late in the Kali-Yuga, or in other words firstly in the modern age such defined (after many Ground Zeros) by me. Please do not confuse the modern age with the new era (defined by me), which will come soon.

Important Message

On a recent occasion I recommend, especially children, never to adopt a (foreign) impulse, regardless of whether this is technically or classically injected, as one’s ownthink of the consequences or on one’s karma. Dear parents and above all educators, the children cannot distinguish this, especially if they cannot master their own impulses based on composition of their three Gunas. I will hold you to account.

The devilish people are still trying to lead the society to the wrong way. Remember, that not every psychologically explainable model is subject to correctness. Some models have sprung from falsified5 material.

A Tamil proverb says:
வாழும் பிள்ளையை மண் விளையாட்டில் தெரியும்.

Translated it means:
One recognizes already in the child stage, thus for example is, if the child plays in the sandbox, what the child will become later.

This will not be different in the adult development phase6 (teenage or pubertal phase). Watch out now, some will try to suggest something wrong to the observer – maybe it has partly been inflated in the last three years from 2014/2015.

I cannot yet publish everything in writing, as donkey drivers and donkeys can also benefit from this knowledge to optimize their attacks.

Addendum 24th June 2018

Who understands the divine correlation in the scientific context:

  • Albert Einstein: “God does not play dice” → Gaussian bell


1 In the language sciences (linguistic), there are different models as in other scientific domains too. All these models show, how all the languages may have arisen. One of these official models accepts the above-mentioned languages as protolanguages, whereby the term “protolanguage” is understood differently in the different models.

2 I define Sanskrit as the counter pole or the father language, whereby Sanskrit was not a language in the classical sense, see above.

3 One of the Brahmas sons named Manu (it is you, my friend Karna 😉) wrote the Manavadharmashastra for the humanity.

4 The German word family “wirken (= act ) / Wirklichkeit (= reality) etc.” comes from the Sanskrit word “Vyakta“. Vyakta is the opposite of Avyakta. Avyakta means not manifested or in other words it is not real – in the sense of physics or apart from physics. Perhaps one can now understand my other articles much better e.g. “The transcendent of the number three” or “இதன் பொருள் என்ன? – What does this mean?” etc.

5 If one can (technically) manipulate the object of observation and the observing scientist without the observing scientist being aware of it, then his or her result is not utilizable. This was unfortunately the case in some other scientific domains too.

6 In the German word “Erwachsenwerden” (= growing up) the German word “erwachen” (= awakening) contains, which means: awakening from the dream world. In the legal sense, there is a limit from which one call a person as an adult, actually this is a never-ending process, or it ends only with death.

The hidden sciences in Hinduism: Four-headed Brahma – Part 4

The hidden sciences in Hinduism: Four-headed Brahma – Part 4

[Last Update: 25th April 2018]

Brahma is the first administrative form that always arises from me at the beginning of the creation. This illustrates the umbilical cord from which the Brahma originates. The umbilical cord springs from my form as Vishnu (≡ Shiva). The degrees of freedom of Brahma are accordingly much higher – nearly inexhaustible than that of a human being, because him is every time the task of creating the universe is given, to do it after his vision. A life of Brahma corresponds to that of the universe. This is already said by the Vedas. When the life of Brahma comes to an end, the universe contracts and everything returns back to me. This is the singularity, as the physicists call it, and everything starts again when this should be my will.

Since everything springs from me, the question of the first universe is as nonsensical as the question of my origin. I have neither a beginning nor an end. Do not forget that time and space are earthly components, they arise firstly after the Big Bang.

The number four – the four-headed Brahma0

The Hindu texts says, that Brahma originally had five heads at the beginning. Due to his arrogant act, he loses one head at the beginning. This is symbolized by the (partial) beheading of Brahma by me in the Vedas. The four heads of Brahma also represent the four fundamental forces of the old physics. Actually, there would have been five forces at the beginning, but the act of Brahma had far-reaching consequences, not only for him, but also for the entire universe up to the present day.

The arrogant attitude of Brahma at the beginning of the creation, is again a consequence of the previous universe.

The astrophysicists also know that our present solar system, i.e. the current sun and the other planets etc. including our earth, originally came from a much larger sun which was 25 times larger than the current sun. This is also documented in the Hindu scriptures. The deva of the sun “Surya-Deva” loses his life by a malicious act or I took his life. The sun which I will create out of nothingness1, after the purification procedure is complete, will symbolically2 have 25 times the size of the current sun.

The entire science on an ancient data storage

The entire knowledge and the entire complete science were left technically encoded for the posterity, shortly before the great ground Zero3, which was about 47 million years ago or in other words, after the end of the Mahabharata. This discovery, a form of data storage, was in the hands of the Blue Group (Freemasons) for more than a century. They could not decipher this until recently, or they could not recognize it as a data storage at the beginning. This data storage with all the knowledge was completely decrypted for the first time at the beginning of this week (Calendar Week 16, 2018), by giving certain persons certain power. The decoded knowledge texts are in the Tamil language. Partial translations are already taking place in many other languages too. Because this is a concentrated charge of knowledge, quantitative as well as qualitative and this of course, should not fall into the wrong hands, one should not to be surprised, if it takes some time until everything is read and studied, especially since the capacities (persons) are always used differently.


0 In his current incarnation in the Kali Yuga, Brahma was my paternal grandfather. His name was Namasivayam, see my family tree.

1 Nothingness means that this will be beyond the laws of physics. This means, that it will not be, neither by the old fully explainable physics nor by the new fully explainable physics. This one sun in the entire universe will never follow the laws of physics.

2 Symbolic of my divine existence and as initiation of a new era. But do not forget that the Gates of Hell will be open in one direction for the infinity – regardless of the existence of the universe.

3 There were also many smaller ground-zeros, see the ice age of the earth, Tsunamis, earthquakes etc.

Complementary sources

Latest and past news from politics, culture and science

Latest and past news from politics, culture and science

[Last Update: 27th January 2018, Page 4 → SPD]

Diesel scandal – Part 1

Regardless of the situation, or rather how the topic perhaps is to be understood for the world publicity, the government cannot burden or punish the people/folk. The duty of the government is to represent the interest of the people and to protect them, and not only to protect the interests of a few who believe to be almighty and have thus also positioned themselves with their technical and material wealth in the society. Almighty is not (only) pointed to the automobile industry, many entered marriages are mixed marriages as you already know or and partial Gentlemen’s Agreement.

If the government pass a law for driving prohibitions or similarly burdensome, this will primarily hit hard the grass roots, which are already burdened by the current situation. Regardless of who decides – how and for whom, should the almighty be sure that the Day of Judgement is in progress – perhaps it’ll end in the total destroying of everything. To search for alternative ways, which in turn burdens the same people, would be foolish.

By the way

Just because officially some people carry out a (verbal) fight, it does not mean that they must be enemies – perhaps they are friends 😉.

Just because someone says that he is not green, it doesn’t mean that he is not green, see this video (by timecode: ca. 4min). It is unfortunately quite vulgar – actually it is already ordinary, but anyway it is important to understand the techniques of those evils and their helpers. You must sign in to YouTube with your Google Account, then you can watch this video because the language is not recommended for all ages. Do not worry about the login process, regarding this video!

Here is another article (sadly only in German language), where green in the double pack seems not green.

GreenYellow, see RGB and three primary colors (blue, red, yellow) 😉*LOL*.

But mathematically → Contradiction! 😉

  • Equation 1 → ColorSpace = X1*Red + X2*Yellow + X3*Blue,
    where X1, X2 and X3 are variables

    • Important NOTE:
      If X1, X2 and X3 constants, then it is not a color space, only a color
  • Equation 2 → ColorSpace = Y1*Red + Y2*Green + Y3*Blue,
    where Y1, Y2 and Y3 are variables

    • Important NOTE:
      If Y1, Y2 and Y3 constants, then it is not a color space, only a color

→ X1*Red + X2*Yellow + X3*Blue ≠ Y1*Red + Y2*Green + Y3*Blue

Mixed marriages – One can also encode like this 😉 – but one do not have to

  • RGB Code für die Farbe Magenta50% Blau + 50 % Rot = Magenta,
    oder RGBDez(255; 0; 255) → RGBHex (FF; 0; FF)

Last but not least

மருண்டவன் கண்ணுக்கு இருண்டதெல்லாம் பேய்

Translated, it means:
Someone who is afraid, sees in the darkness everywhere ghosts.
Someone who is afraid, sees in the dark only ghosts.

I think an explanation is not necessary 😉.

Because some cannot interpret this simple sentence correctly. Here is the correct interpretation in the above context: Not everything must be encoded (in this way), see also the following sentence: “Blue does not always …