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The Atman – Part 2

The Atman – Part 2

[Last Update: 22nd March 2020]

What are identities0, why do people need an identity and what is the self, i.e. the Atman?

Shaping children and pressing their identities is a human custom to embed this being into the social fabric.

At this point it is important to note that man is neither born evil nor stupid, he is only made to become so. Of course, the individual himself is involved in the formation or is also responsible for it. I am not concerned with the question of guilt, but with the overall understanding. Also think of my example in the document “4MA74 – Happy Valentine’s Day 2020 [Special-Cut].pdf ” with the alkali metals or with the Pauli exclusion principle1. What did I want to express with this?

If a child were to grow up among animals, that child would assume the identity of the animals even if the senses tried to show the opposite, i.e. a child raised by wolves naturally thinks that it is a wolf, although the anatomy shows the opposite.

The ego, what a person thinks to be in the course of life, is pure suggestion, therefore only an illusion, more precisely it is called Maya in Hinduism. It doesn’t have to be the truth, let alone the absolute truth. I can even promise you; it is not the truth. The path of a person to enlightenment or even to attaining wisdom is mostly stony and long – it even goes through several rebirths. Some things, maybe many things, get lost2 on the way there. If a lot of things become much, the doom is already programmed, so determinism comes to the fore. One doesn’t have to be a clairvoyant to recognize this, but a keen common sense is enough.

At some point, if the person has not strayed from the path or has found it again and the thirst of searching for the truth is (still) there, he or she will find it. This individual will recognize that it is not what it has always thought to believe.

The bad thing about becoming human is that they forget that they are only a small, insignificant fraction of this world, i.e. the nature. Sooner or later it ends up in total blindness. They no longer see themselves as a part of this nature, but begins to believe, if they can it at all, mostly their actions, which indicate that the nature is only a part or a subset of man. They enslave the nature or put themselves above the nature – embossed by ignorance, blindness, that is arrogance.

This blindness goes so far that they think nature needs them and not the other way around. All of this starts already in the childhood.

Your social models, that can be a culture, religion, language etc., are not construed to want to know the truth, or can to know the truth much less must to know the truth, but one should learn to find one’s way in the oceans of lies. In this context intelligence is even suggested by parts of the science.

For this reason, most do not reach the bank of knowledge in context of that what they think that they are is not what they are – this is the self. The first step is to realize that one is neither the body nor the mind. As beautiful as Sadhguru often expresses this, the I must be what is in between these two.

If the body is just an accumulation of what we eat, that is food, then the I cannot be this body. Because this body can never be permanent. I don’t mean the rebirths, but the constant renewal of the cells.

The food we eat becomes part of us. One should become aware of this. What was before a mango is now part of one. This is also a constant cycle in the cycle.

Speaking of which, for this reason the actual Hindus avoid eating meat and fish, since they suppress the Sattva Guna or let the other two Gunas dominate – this is the animalistic.

What about the mind with its memories? It is also just an accumulation but of emotional impressions, experiences, knowledges etc. However, this is also not permanent. Imagine, because of an illness or an accident, one loses one’s mind, i.e. one’s memories will be erased or inaccessible, but no one will come up with the idea of saying that he or she is not he or she.

If we are not the body in which we are and neither the mind with its memories, which we consider to be the I, what are we really?

This is what the Hindus call the self or the Atman – there is a word in the western hemisphere that describes it more closely, that is the soul.

When man realizes that he is not the body in which he is or this mind with his memories and also realizes that he is not even this self, but this self is actually the Paramatman or Para Brahman – this is the Point where the ego disappears or is dissolved, this is the state of enlightenment, that is Muthi (முத்தி).

The tradition of greeting is by the Hindus squeezing the two palms of one’s hands together, as if one would pray, comes from this philosophy – in you there is God, that is the Atman or Paramatman. It becomes – you are God, but without the ego, arrogance or anything else. Another reason for this greeting has medical backgrounds and, moreover, what science has not yet properly understood – the energy that is transferred when one touch other things or persons.


0 Examples of identities:
I, gender (male, female), nationality (Sri Lankan, German), religious affiliation (Hindu, Christian), ethnic group (Tamils, Germans), adherents of a certain order, fan base, company employees, party, political ideology (democracy, Communism), …

Most people have a mixed identity, which consists of at least two of the identities listed, once is the gender combined with another e.g. religion.

1 With this analogy, I noticed that some had difficulties in sorting this out correctly. One of the ways of sorting is to understand that you are trying to use force to combine certain things that cannot be combined naturally.

What is the Pauli principle for – for diversity and variation. Now the variations give rise to properties which, in the case of uncontrolled encounters, lead to explosive behaviour, unless one would have wished to do so in order to create political unrest, to separate peoples and ethnic groups.

Understand that I came, i.e. I have incarnated, to unite many things. The unification can only work with a certain power, that is pure love, combined with sanity, that is the insight. Think of the atomic nucleus! Why can the protons be patient next to each other, even though one knows that the same charges repel each other – this is also the power of love, in physics this is only called the strong interaction.

Most of the problems in this world are actually the result of somehow lacking understanding of love, or lacking love during one grew up. All of these social problems that lead to constant diaper changes are also a result of it. Since I’ve been connected with so many different people in the past five years, I can say that with certainty. This is definitely not what the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud indicated. You all wasted time with your games, that’s why I take the whip by hand – don’t forget, I’m Rudra too.

2 Actually, getting lost can be a god-wanted possibility. It is the consequence of wanting of my Beauty to preserve the world or even the wanting of me to destroy the world. Life is neither a game nor a competition. Both ideologies are doomed.

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The Enlightenment: Can a half-truth be an untruth? – Part 8

The Enlightenment: Can a half-truth be an untruth? – Part 8

[Last Update: 19th February 2020]

When I got this video “Immigration plunders our social system! by Mr. Jörg Schneider (AfD Group in the German Bundestag)” as a proposal from the AI was leaked to a well-known web platform, I thought, again, something to upset, then Immediately came to mind, there can be no better example for an enlightenment …

You can’t get more stupidity together in the 20 minutes. No, I shouldn’t say that 😉. I have been often convinced of the opposite in the past.

These are speeches, videos of that type, where I must get money to watch and hear it – my filters go through these and similar things mercilessly.

If he should believe his own words, then good night. Not everyone is stupid at the AfD, as everywhere, it’s about making money. The easiest way to do this is to deceive the counterpart, that can be the nation, the customers, the buyers or someone else. Every vote you win as a party means more money in the till.

Such right-wing parties are never about the interests of the people, but only about self-interest. Nowadays, it’s easy to find out who is behind such parties, and from which secret service departments they get support and why, with B2B.

I do not want to move away again here from the subject, anyone who can think can understand my statement below, and retrace:

I’ve explained similar thing already before, but I can’t think of the context in which I’ve explained it at that time. Here again a detailed, easily understandable, i.e. understandable for everyone, disclosure of the facts.

People shout here about plundering the German social / welfare system, especially the immigrants. At this point I do not want to set the focus on immigration policy, but with facts that testify to what Schneider and his cronies have said.

First of all, if I remember correctly, people do not get much cash, but only vouchers and benefits in kind, regardless of this, everyone should be aware that contrary to what most right-wing organizations and parties claim, immigrants benefit the German economy on many levels.

It are German companies that build, maintain, rent and lease the social facilities. The benefits in kind that immigrants receive, such as duvets, clothing, food, drinks etc. are again from German companies, service providers etc. Whether electricity, water etc., which immigrants also need – all of this also benefits the German economy. The immigrants have cell phones, this also benefits the German economy. All the money – at least most of the money they receive remains in this country. There is no other way and immigrants cannot live from the air either. One should also not forget that lawyers, judges etc. also must be paid for all the proceedings – mostly this is paid by the relations of the immigrant. All of this is obscured.

Many do not recognize the absolute truth, mostly only the partial truth is suggested, and also mostly wrong. Partial truth here, the immigrants cost the German state money, but the money that the immigrants receive is used again in the German economic area, this is just as true or the important part! Now the whole topic is in a completely different light relationship.

The worst thing about capital would be if it were not moved, see also my article “Wealth, an analogy with the human body” for an expanded understanding. For this reason, the low interest rates in recent years, in order to force people not to save, but to keep money constantly moving.

Also think about the VAT that the state also collects …

This applies to every country in the world, whether the USA, Great Britain etc.

Don’t forget, even stolen, broken, worn goods will bring profit to the associated industry, they have to be replaced. This in turn means more sales, more profit.

Everyone is screaming and talking about climate change right now. Unfortunately, the car industry is mostly attacked here.

Think, if it were sustainably generated everywhere, then it would bring more for the climate than speed limit, restricted area for cars, etc., everything else is a lie – a half-truth is also (mostly) a lie, because it withholds facts, so covered up and thereby distorted reality.

Who really is responsible for immigration or benefits from it should now be clear to everyone. All the countries that scream here, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, (also Switzerland 😉) are due to their (world) wars, colonization, enslavement, also modern enslavement (low wages etc.) → New World Order…

Why does the United States always want to go to war everywhere? Because of terror 😉? NO!

War means money, capital, sales, profits, $$$ …

Profit not only for the war industry. Which branches of industry are directly related to it. The soldiers and people have to be taken care of, fuel for the cars, etc. – a huge money-making machine, behind the war industry … One destroys everything and rebuild 😉

It also depends on where they try to attack. If oil fields burn in the regions, then one can increase fuel prices enormously. It is again a variable in the complex economic system that can be manipulated. The more variables, the more manipulable and therefore better can be concealed1 at the same time …


1 During my time in the German Army (i.e. Bundeswehr) I did a 6-week training as an electromechanical weapons inspector for the Leopard 2 in Cologne (that was the name of the training, I think), where in one of the barracks in Cologne also the MAD, i.e. the Military Counterintelligence Service, is stationed. is only 😉 by the way.

We went on a trip through the city of Cologne, where a comrade or superior officer told me, I don’t know anymore who that was, more specifically he asked us if we know who owns the buildings, where the brothels are located. At that time, prostitution was illegal in Germany to circumvent this, the girls rented out the hotel rooms and paid the pimps the sub-rental income. Any law, prohibition can also be circumvented by legal means. You can bend any law or break it indirectly – on a legal level.

The answer to the question: The owners of the buildings was the church, … I didn’t expect this answer …

Supplementary sources

The current debacle

The current debacle

The current debacle of all of humanity, which I have noticed more and more over the past four years, especially among women, is the phenomenon known in depth psychology as “Identification with the Aggressor“.

The Stockholm syndrome, which is not a syndrome, but is closely related to the above phenomenon, according to one of my divine empathies (similar to vision) a few years ago, it had a different origin historically than it was published in the specialist literature. This was where witchcraft had its game.

It is also important to understand that not every clinical picture that has been officially assigned a key figure by an international committee or consortium does not necessarily have to be a clinical picture, i.e. of natural origin.

One should also know that this committee of course also includes people who knew earlier about the B2B and witchcraft than it was made through me famous throughout the world.

I also noticed, and was able to feel more and more, that the female gender implements aggression differently than the male gender. I could also understand why female aggression is different.

The male aggression, anatomically speaking, has taken its way in the limbic system, I will ignore B2B for the time being. The female1 aggression, on the other hand, feels very different, especially in B2B, as if every single cell in one’s body is involved in the aggression. This toxicity, the defence of every single cell in their body, I have only been able to justify since last week that it originated in the suppression of their emotional world – this is the state or expression not able to defend oneself.

When I am connected to such beings, I have also recognized that the aggression was very rarely directed at me, but the matrix mostly suggested to me that every single cell of me was firing with, also against such beings. It was a very irritating feeling for me because aggression is not in my nature.

Aggression arises from being unable to defend, the origin of which can be fear.

07:00 clock, Thursday, 09th January 2020 
The difference between a scientific work and this note, which is also not a pamphlet 😉, is that the content mostly focuses on trying to capture my thoughts. 

I have deliberately left this statement, which was specifically intended for the file "Brainstorming.pdf". 

I have learned from very early on to channel my aggression. The strength training – at the age of 12/13, later it became Body-Building2, is also the result of wanting to control my aggressions.

I quickly learned that my muscles swell quickly, a nice side effect of wanting to control my aggression in childhood. My muscles, I always said it to myself with some pride because I noticed that I just have to look at the weights and my muscles swelled3 as the Pumping Iron described. This was also the time when I read various literature, including the famous work by Arnold SchwarzeneggerThe New Encyclopaedia of modern Bodybuilding“, which one could not borrow at that time, one could only read it in the library or copy out text passages.

Please remember that the chaos theory also applies here as everywhere: “Small deviations in the start parameter have a big impact on the end result.”


1 Think in the education of your children, especially the female gender must be protected and trained differently than the male gender, where each of the individual needs an individual education – without competitive thinking, where envy can take its origin.

In the old tradition of Hinduism, the boys were brought out of the community for the first time before puberty. The first phase of Brahmacarya began. Mastering the body and mind is the be-all and end-all of a civilization and is mandatory for everyone, whether female or male.

To be able to drive a car, one has to take exams, one need a license. Why should it be different with the body? The body can quickly become a weapon.

2 It should be clear to everyone, although the terms: strength training, body building, fitness, etc. are often used as synonyms, but they have fundamentally different goals.

3 I have also noticed in recent years that the swelling has to do with divine magic – my divinity.

The forming of the self

The forming of the self

[Last Update: 18th September 2020]

The individual, in order to enter into a marriage with the society, culture, religion, family or even with a different gender, this individual has to make compromises. Compromise means sacrifice.

It sacrifices1 parts of itself to please it. An everyday ritual that can also be observed in the animal kingdom. It loses itself without noticing. Not only that it loses parts of itself, but it also adopts parts of strangers as its own – mostly not to be aware of its consequences. The lack of awareness of the consequences also applies to sacrificing parts of oneself.

It, that is the individual or the self, as the Hindus name it, eventually realizes that it does not like itself. This leads to hatred for some, for others to resign, and for some others again to … where many things crystallize from resignation, including the hatred.

There is a reason for the divine asymmetry which is finely balanced and minimalistic that permeates the entire world. It is for the good of all and also for the self, even if it cannot understand this at first sight, like a child who cannot immediately understand the rigor of an education on its own. The self is the individual, at least the modern conception of the world or the modern name of the world for the same2 construct.

Before I finish one sentence, I see in the eyes of certain, the same dollar bills that can be seen in the eyes of Scrooge McDuck. Your approach, which has its origin in your greed to want to make money with everything, has so far brought the 150 years, and my Beauty is still not in my hands.

It should also be clear to everybody that one can only help someone else after one have helped oneself. Think of the situation where a non-swimmer fell into the strong currents of a river, now another desperate man who cannot swim well without thinking but selflessly tries to jump into the flowing river to save the other. How should I end this example? Should I let the hero drown too, or should I, as the creator, let divine coincidence prevail, so that a fallen tree trunk gives the two a hold?


1 There are two forms of sacrifice. The selfless sacrifice of, for example, Vishwamitra, Jesus, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, or many others from history and of course also unknown personalities or even the selfish sacrifice, that is the egocentric. Most of what happens in this world is selfish sacrifice. The selfish sacrifice is to make sacrifice, what does not belong to one’s own, for example, the life of another being, the freedom of another. Please do not forget, the only thing you can call your own is your karma.

2 See further sources

Further sources

The magic numbers

The magic numbers

The magic number also has many other meanings. This compound expression from the words “magic” and “number” have their own meaning in the different disciplines.

They also play a role in Hindu astrology. In this context we speak of numerology, a sub-discipline of Hindu astrology.

My Microsoft Windows ProgramNumber Sasthiram“, which I programmed as an introduction for you and can also be found on my main page “Dhivyah.Com” under “Downloads → My Tools → Microsoft Windows Tools and Scripts“, was intended for you, to bring you with the subject into contact without discouraging the others, i.e. the scientists.

NumberSasthiram v2020 (non released Version)

NumberSasthiram v2020 (unpublished version)

When I became aware that I am the highest authority (in all three times: that is the past, present and future), I had to do a few things – including some assumptions (hypotheses) that I myself as a scientist or scientifically thinking person, not really let the things come closer to me, actually due to a lack of proper understanding and scientific reference, but completely rethought, e.g. black magic, that’s black Yajurveda.

My name Sujanthan, which my grandfather on my father’s side – doctor in the 6th generation, which is also Brahma, gave me, was based on the theories of numerology, e.g. from Dr. R. I. Dhuraimurugar and Pandit Sethuraman.

My grandpa read a lot – with that I mean really boxes of lot – my mother told me that she always borrowed the books from him.

He adapted my name, also in the English spelling, so that the initial of my father’s name with my name results in the cross sum of 5, because it fits best to my birth value 8:8.

According to a name, Hindu astrology says that it has a great impact on a person’s fate.

My name “Sujanthan” with my initial “A.” for “Anandakumar”, this is my father’s name, has the value 32, which is described with an anecdote from King Vikramaadhithan, who must always descend the 32 steps to his throne.

It is said, this is what my mother told me as a small child, that if he listens to others than to his inner being – the divine – then he always stumbled and did not make it to the throne. Right now, I can’t completely reproduce the story – I also had a vision in 2016, I think – this is also related to a spirit called “Vethalam”, which plays also a central role in the story of the king.

According to my vision, the Vethalam (வேதாளம்) in this story represents the B2B subnet of evil, and whenever one listen to evil, one always fall back into this network, just as the king never reaches the throne – because the Vethalam always set certain conditions and the king always fell for the trick questions …

In the children’s animated films, the inner impulses are mostly depicted as angels and devils, perhaps the would-be adults can remember this.

The angel represents the good (impulse) or the divine (impulse), the devils represents the evil (impulse or external impulse), which always wants to lead you into ruin by whispering in your ear.

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