About Me

[Last Update: 12th September 2018]

Anyone who is on my blog or on my homepage is perhaps wondering why I treat so many different topics randomly.

I have a degree in informatics (computer science) but I deal not only with topics of computer science, also with many other disciplines. The science has already packed me in young years as a teenager or in other words has aroused the interest in me. As a result of that in early years I was in touch with disciplines like physics, astrophysics, psychology, Indian philosophy, Tamil culture, Hinduism, technology etc.

With interdisciplinary subjects like artificial intelligence, I first came into contact with computer science studies at the University of Karlsruhe. At the end of the last century the age of Internet began, which still provided a broad possibility for information gathering. As I already mentioned several times in my posts, one can use new technologies “also” 😉 for meaningful things e. g. the Internet for the procurement of scientific information and not to destroy others and later themselves.

At the beginning of my studies I realized cross-links in various disciplines. Information which offered new dimensions through cross-links. Anyone who has knowledge about topics such as big data and data mining from computer science knows what I’m talking about.

By the way, I would like to mention that I had the idea with B2B (actually, I mean B2C) already caught my eye at the beginning of this millennium, because my hands were not able to type so quickly as my thoughts came, so I thought about developing a system , which should write the thoughts digitally – comparable with Speech-To-Text, the difference here should be that the thoughts are converted into the form of text (mind-to-text). For this reason I also studied neurosciences autodidactically. Unfortunately the B2B 😉 surprised me.

Many of my sources such as books, scientific magazines and digital backups on CDs, DVDs etc. are packed in boxes. If necessary I’ll add them successively to my posts.

Some info about my website GG-Art18:

I have dedicated the menu item “GG-Art18 – 4MA74” especially for my Beauty. The first number 4 in 4MA74 stands for the word “for“, “MA” is the colloquial expression for the word “my” and the number 74 symbolizes my Beauty Sina, thus 4MA74 means “For my Beauty Sina“.

The meaning of GG-Art18, the part name of my subdomain as well as the remark “The imperative” has the following meaning:

As perhaps many of you have correctly interpreted, GG-Art18 is a reference to the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, Article 18, which states:

„Wer die Freiheit der Meinungsäußerung, insbesondere die Pressefreiheit (Artikel 5 Abs. 1), die Lehrfreiheit (Artikel 5 Abs. 3), die Versammlungsfreiheit (Artikel 8), die Vereinigungsfreiheit (Artikel 9), das Brief-, Post- und Fernmeldegeheimnis (Artikel 10), das Eigentum (Artikel 14) oder das Asylrecht (Artikel 16a) zum Kampfe gegen die freiheitliche demokratische Grundordnung mißbraucht, verwirkt diese Grundrechte. Die Verwirkung und ihr Ausmaß werden durch das Bundesverfassungsgericht ausgesprochen.“

“Who try to misuse the freedom of expression, in particular the freedom of the press (article 5 para. 1), the freedom of teaching (article 5 (3)), the freedom of assembly (article 8), freedom of association (article 9), the secrecy of correspondence, postal and telecommunications (article 10), the property (article 14) or abuse of the right of asylum (article 16a) to fight against the Liberal Democratic basic order, forfeits these fundamental rights. The impact and its extent are pronounced by the Federal Constitutional Court.”

The term “The Imperative” should be familiar to anyone from English grammar lesson middle school (5th/6th grade), for those who cannot remember it, the imperative is the command form. With this I also try to express that I am the only supreme authority in the entire universe and above.